The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Countertops

An old Yiddish proverb suggests, “Seek advice, but use your own common sense.” When it comes to custom countertops, this proverb applies as well. For some reason, home-building or remodeling brings a lot of advice from a lot of people, including professionals and nonprofessionals alike. But, how do you know when you’re receiving bad advice, if not the worst advice around? Sometimes, the advice is so off-base that common sense will tell you this is not a good idea. But when you have more real concerns, speaking with a professional, like Gaumats International, is the perfect place to go to have all your custom countertop needs taken care of. After all, when it comes to bad advice, chances are, we’ve heard it all:

Caulking can be applied to any imperfectly installed granite countertop – nothing could be further from the truth. The satisfaction of custom countertops is the beauty found in their clean cut and solid appearance. The unsightly look of caulking cancels out the elegant look you are seeking. Caulking never looked well with Formica countertops, so why would anyone think it could add value to the elegant look of granite? It won’t, ever, so don’t even try.

Any general contractor can install a countertop – this is also untrue. Installing a high-quality countertop is an art that requires a certain skill set that not everyone carries. Just because a contractor can build a home, does not mean he, or she, can properly install a countertop. This is equal to saying, just because a dermatologist is a doctor, he or she can also perform heart surgery.

Countertops can be replaced without any thought to every other aspect of the kitchen – and many a customer who has followed this horrible advice has found their cabinets, flooring, plumbing and more suffering later as a result. When replacing a countertop, every other aspect of a kitchen must be considered. Will your cupboards, flooring and your plumbing, be able to take the extra weight granite countertops adds? Do you have undercabinet lighting that might reflect awkwardly against a shinier surface? Again, a professional can help you consider every aspect of a custom countertop installation, so you have long-term satisfaction as a result.

You can replace your countertop now and remodel the rest of your kitchen later – such bad advice! Like Dominoes, countertops affect every other aspect they are connected to. Granite or quartz can be the hardest to remove, however, any countertop removal affects the surrounding area. Typically, a new countertop also immediately outdates kitchen appliances, like wearing a new suit with an old shirt. Remodeling later ends up being costlier and more time-consuming.

You can replace your countertop without replacing your backsplash – because a backsplash is mounted on top of a countertop, these two features must always go together. And, making sure they complement each other is also a must.

    When it comes to custom countertops, working with a professional, in the end, saves a lot of time and money. To get great advice and quality help with your countertop installation, contact Gaumats International at 816-847-8228.


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