What Type of Custom Countertops are Best for Your Kitchen

There a lot of options available when it comes to choosing the right custom countertops for your kitchen. Because we have so many options, finding the best kitchen countertop is now easier and quicker.

For years, Gaumats International has created countless custom countertops that meet the needs of our very satisfied customers. And through this process, we’ve collected a few tips to pass along your way to help you create the perfect countertop to meet your needs:   

Durability –  before you select your countertop, make sure you consider your lifestyle.  Is your daily routine a little rough on countertops, meaning do you have children, lots of guests over or other activities that offer more wear and tear? If so, a natural stone, like marble, limestone and soapstone might not be the best choice for you because of their softer qualities. For busier kitchens, granite is ideal. Engineered stone is also a popular choice these days because of its stain-resistance, durability and the fact that it comes in many colors. Wood offers a unique high-quality look, but can be hard to maintain. Laminates wear quickly if not maintained, and tile is the least expensive, however, bacteria in the grout can be a problem, along with continually having an uneven surface.  

Theme –  every home is an expression of who we are. What kind of custom countertop are you looking for, not only for the feel in your kitchen, but for the overall feeling in your home?

Color – natural colors are quite popular and we’ve got a wide variety of colors to go with your particular color scheme. Granite still tops the list as the most popular countertop, but marble, stone, cement and quartz are not far behind when it comes to color. And, keep in mind that rose quartz, agate, amethyst and sandstones are in demand, as well.  After your color is selected, then consider whether you would like a matte finish or a polished finish.

Design – Feel free to bring your own design team into our store or feel free to use one of ours. At Gaumats International, we can help you find the right durability, texture, color and design to match your vision.

For a full assessment, call us today and let us show you how we can help you find the custom countertop that not only meets the vision of your kitchen and home, but serves well the demands of your particular lifestyle. Contact Gaumats International today at (816) 847-8228.

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