The Advantages of Installing a Basement Bar or Kitchenette

Everyone wants their home to be comfortable, up-to-date, and maximize the space. One of the best ways to utilize every bit of space in your home is to finish, or update, your basement. Gone are the days of dark, uninviting spaces on the lower level. Homeowners are constantly rethinking how to revamp and create warm, welcoming spaces in the basement.


One of the most efficient means of bringing new life to your basement is to add a bar or kitchenette to help make the space even more usable and valuable in the long run.


Basement Bar and Kitchenette Options

When creating usable space in the basement, it’s important to think of how you’ll use that space. Will you host parties or neighborhood kids? Cozy up to watch movies on a big screen? Or will you utilize this as a guest or in-law space? Each of these uses has the potential to use a different setup to be to the best advantage.


Bar – A bar can consist of as little as a few cabinets an a mini fridge to store the entertaining basics in the basement.


Wet Bar – A wet bar adds in the advantage of an actual sink. This addition is nice for washing hands or glassware kept downstairs.


Kitchenette – This option is the cream of the crop and brings the extra of a larger fridge and potentially microwave or other kitchen cookware. A kitchenette is ideal for those planning to use their basements for frequent guests or as an in-law suite.


Current Advantages of a Basement Bar or Kitchenette

Adding or upgrading a bar or kitchenette to the basement has many uses. It allows you stay present and part of the party when entertaining. When it’s just the family enjoying the space, there’s no argument over who’s running upstairs to grab drinks.


There’s also the consideration of it being easier to clean up if you have running water in the basement. It makes it easier to wash hands when there’s a spill or if you keep a pet’s water bowl or litter box downstairs.


Advantages for Resale of a Basement Bar or Kitchenette

Many homebuyers these days expect a finished basement. And with that finished basement, many prefer some sort of bar or ktichenette for entertaining. In the best case scenario, this addition can increase the value of your home, and in the worst case, increases it’s saleability. With the knowledge of that preference, it’s easy to see why the investment in that space is well-worth it.


If you’re looking to add a basement bar or kitchenette to our home, it’s time to contact Gaumats International, LLC to start designing your dream basement.

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