We here at Gaumats take pride in our simple and thorough process. Our professional and experienced sales consultants will be with you from the start to finish. 

Step One: Visit our showroom &/or schedule an in home consultation. 

Please call or walk in to our inspirational showroom.  A lot of our business also comes from referrals so please ask your friend or family member who their sales consultant was and set up an appointment.  We will go over the scope of work and put together an estimate for your project.

Step Two: Make your selections.

We stock a wide variety of colors to fit any style.  We offer ten colors in our value “group one” granite line plus exotic granite, quartzite, marble, and quartz slabs.  You will find inspiration in our large, beautiful showroom.  Here you will see our edge profiles, granite & quartz tops, plus tile installations and plumbing fixtures.  We can also offer more selection from any of our local suppliers.  Once you have your selections made and approve our estimate it’s time to get started!   

Step Three: Template & Layout  

Laser technologies have improved the templating process over the years.  Our measure technician will take a precise template of your cabinets with an LT55 templating system.  In the template process our technician will go over all the finer details like overhangs, radiuses, and cutouts. Then the precise temple will go to our programmer who programs the CNC waterjet saw to cut and finish your selected slab/s. 

If a layout is required we have a helpful program called Slabsmith Perfect Match.  This allows us to layout your countertops on the computer so you can see how the seams will match up and customize what parts of the slab will get utilized.  This is usually done with exotic stones which have veining or flow and larger patterns. 

Step Four: Fabrication

Gaumats uses state-of-the-art machinery for precision cuts and consistent edging. The slab is placed on our WaterJet Saw which uses a saw blade for straight cuts and the precision Waterjet cuts within a 16th of an inch and is used for curved and delicate cutouts. Then it’s straight to the CNC router and edging machines for the shaping process. When leaving the CNC, most of the edges are fully polished. The other edge profiles will be sent to our artisan fabricators to finish. Our artisans use pneumatic polishers with a rotating head that have interchangeable polishing pads with diamond grits. The finer the grit of the pad, the higher the polish and shine of the stone. 

 Step Five: Installation

We take care in making sure our installation crew is professional and throughout.  They will take the time to ensure the job is done right.  Depending on the scope of work your installation could take from just a few hours to all day.  Once our installers finish the installation they will make sure they clean up the jobsite.  Then they will do a walk through with you to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

Although granite is very durable when it is installed properly, it’s not un-breakable. It can be chipped or cracked if it is struck by a sharp or heavy object. Granite is not flexible and will crack if it is forced to twist or bend , therefore, granite should only be handled by professionals and must always be adequately supported by proper framing or cabinetry.

You can enjoy your new countertops with peace of mind.  Gaumats International applies a sealer that lasts up to seven years to your stone surface and we warranty our workmanship for life! 

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