The Most Popular Kitchen Designs

Techie Heaven

The “smart kitchen” has arrived. Control your lights from a tablet or smartphone; have your coffee ready when you awaken; you can even have your faucet turn itself on just by putting your hands under it. Mixing technology into kitchen designs has been around for years now, but improvements in reliability make the modern smart kitchen a full partner in your home and you don’t have to sacrifice style to get the tech.


Mix Your Metaphors

Granit has been in vogue since the Egyptians built their first pyramids. The heavy metal of steam-powered machines was function over form in the late 19th Century. Raamses and Victoria might not be amused, but your family and friends with be as electrified as Ben Franklin’s kite when you create striking focal points with modern brass handles, fixtures or sinks set against ancient stone. You can even a few contrast brass fixtures with the stainless-steel appliances that remain in fashion because they’re easy to clean and don’t overwhelm the eye.

White paint is still popular for cabinets, but you can create eye-catching views by splashing your island with granite in green, black, blue, plum or brown. You might also counterpoint dark wood cabinets with gray, pink and white countertops.


Cabinet-optional Designs

If you’re not an NBA pro, you probably have trouble reaching that top shelf, so get rid of it. Use the open space to display family heirlooms or colorful ceramics. If your kitchen is small, you can remove cabinet doors for a more open ambiance, especially if you have designer dishes or cookware to display. Streamlining your cupboards makes a great alternative to fancy woodwork, adding restful simplicity to your storage space and matching the increasingly-popular streamlined appliances.


Open It Up

Open design — floor layouts with minimal walls — keep growing in popularity because they take the kitchen right into the dining or family room. Let the design elements follow. Granite looks great and works well in kitchens, it’ll do the same in other rooms. Stretch a granite peninsula into the family room for breakfast or as a serving station for a casual party. If your dining room’s china cabinet began life as a farm breakfront, replace original working surface with granite matching your new countertops.


The Bottom Line

The right kitchen design is the one you fall in love with, so, be guided by other people’s preferences, but never be tied to them. Designs become popular because they meet the needs of many consumers while looking good. If you find a design that works for you, copy it with a few adjustments to your favorite colors or materials. Whatever general design ideas strike home to your heart, call Gaumats International at 816-847-8228 and let us will make it work for you.

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