The Most Popular Custom Bathroom Makeovers

Bathrooms have come a long way over the years, and now they don’t need to just be functional, but they can look amazing as well. Bathrooms are one of the top things that someone will consider when deciding whether to purchase a home or not. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular custom bathroom makeovers that could add a completely different direction to your current home style.

The Quaint Cottage Look

If you’ve ever heard your friends describing their weathered or distressed look, you’re not alone. Distressed and weathered looks have gained some serious appeal in recent years, adding a rustic charm to your custom bathroom where it would otherwise be lacking. Tarnished-looking paint, claw tubs, pale colors of yellow and blue – there’s a million different ways you can spin it, but everyone loves the thought of a New England cottage look in their bathroom.

Modern and Zen

Straight edges, angular design as far as the eye can see. If you enjoy bold, full color while keeping the room looking sharp, you’ve got excellent taste. People take their bathrooms to crazy levels with square sinks/faucets, tubs, and handles. You’re also more likely to see square tile backsplashes, and extra attention to detail on the window frames, as well. Anyone can appreciate the clean design that a modern, zen bathroom gives to them.

The Industrial Look

Exposed pipes and colored bricks bring out the rustic, raw charm to most rooms, and your bathroom is no exception. These concepts are all about making the space feel as open as possible with vertical lines and removing the unnecessary. Turning a full cabinet sink into a pedestal, taking the tub and going for the clawfoot look, or classic shower head. These styles tend to stick to vintage and exposed, and are welcoming to guests as can be.

The Blend

While it’s not the most common practice, wood laminate flooring in your bathroom isn’t as odd as you’d think. Going with smooth-edged lines, wooden floors, and neutral wall colors can give your bathroom a revitalized look while remaining warm and inviting. This design is all about making your bathroom stylish on a budget, and still making it durable for the whole family to use (especially if you have little ones).

What will your next bathroom remodel include? There are infinite possibilities, so feel free to mix and match (mixing up modern/zen and industrial could be a challenge, but you’re up to that, aren’t you?)

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