Picking the Right Countertop

Selecting a countertop can be fun, adventurous and can even be part of a dream come true. Time and time again, we have seen, in the Kansas City area, that there is a big difference between choosing a countertop, and selecting the right countertop to meet your needs while reflecting your taste. What you see might not always be what you get, meaning, if you choose one that doesn’t meet your needs, you could end up frustrated or worse. And, replacing a countertop is not like replacing salt in a salt shaker. But, with these tips, you are more likely to find the one that suits you best:

Color: Today’s most desirable countertops, in Kansas City and the surrounding area, follow a natural theme, offering a wide variety of colors to go with your color scheme. Granite still takes the lead as the most popular countertop, but other materials, including marble, stone, cement and quartz are also pleasing for customers looking to upgrade their kitchen. Many of these natural materials are available in a polished or matte finish. A variety of colors are also available with these natural stones, like rose quartz, agate and amethyst for a look with a little more pizazz while sandstones have always been known for their soft, natural look.

Whether you bring in your own design team or use one of ours, Gaumats International can find the color that matches the vision you hope to achieve when it comes to high-quality kitchen counter.

Style – at Gaumats International, we have every style available to meet your needs, including the type of surface you would like, accented by an edge that will add an accent that will not be forgotten by those who will see and enjoy your new kitchen, including eased, signal waterfall, bullnose and more.

Functionality – equally as important as appeal is functionality. Your kitchen is one of your work places and this fact cannot be overlooked. If you spend your day cutting up food, a soft stone is not for you. Kids in the house? Stones that scratch easily will also not work. And, if you process cherries or work with other foods that stain, a white, or light, surface will only frustrate you. Wood presents a unique high-quality look, if done right, but consideration must be given to how this finish will help support your needs. Laminates wear quick when not maintained correctly. Tile is the least expensive, however, more than one-person tires of the more complex effort it takes to clean up the grout and avoid bacteria, along with continually having an uneven surface.  

When it comes to countertops, the sky is the limit with recyclable materials available including everything from stainless steel to bamboo. So, when planning the kitchen of your dreams, consider functionality right up there at the top to make sure you get what you need for the long run.

In Kansas City, Gaumats International can run through a list of considerations to help you find the right surface to support your daily tasks.

Price – price is a consideration which is why laminates will, most likely, never go away, or tile. Laminates can be found for as little as $5 a square foot. Granite begins at around $40 and quartz is usually $120 a square foot. Wood countertops begin at $30 per square foot.

For a full assessment of your vision of your kitchen that meets the appeal you seek and serves the demands of your day, contact Gaumats International today at (816) 847-8228.

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