Picking the Right Contractor

So you’d like to build your dream kitchen. Great! First, you must find your dream contractor. How is this done? At Gaumats International, our years of experience have helped us identify the smoothest and quickest journey possible when it comes to choosing the right contractor in the Missouri and Kansas areas. Here is our best top ten list:

Know what you want before you start the process – study and create your dream list for what you want. This will make the process clearer and more concise, and help you end up with what you really want.

Talk to friends and family – oftentimes, “word of mouth” proves to be the most reliable source. Utilizing the help of a trusted party to hire a trusted professional will guarantee your best interests are a top priority. This way you will you’re your contractor has taken the test of time, money, skill, dependability and effort and passed with flying colors. At Gaumats International, a large percentage of our clients are the result of “word of mouth” and we are most appreciative.

If “word of mouth” is not available, interview three contractors – there are many referral sources on the internet for find contractors in the Missouri and Kansas areas. Make a priority list of what’s most important to you, including:

  • cost
  • efficiency
  • skill set
  • communication
  • dependability
  • location

      Look for these qualities, and then call your top three choices and set a date and time to meet. This then becomes your first test to see:

  • if they honor the appointment or make an excuse regarding why they must reschedule
  • which ones show up on time
  • what for of transportation they have – is it reliable and clean?

After this, the interviewing process can begin. Eliminate the ones that don’t pass this initial test and interview the one who do. At Gaumats International, we have passed the interview test over and over again.  

Ask the contractor for referrals – any reputable contractor will be more than happy to brag about their work by giving you the names of their satisfied clients. Any non-reputable contractor will hesitate over this request and come up with reasons why they do not have their referral list handy. If this is the case, run! Gaumats International continually receives rave reviews.

Ask who their subcontractors are and what work they will be performing – make sure there are real names and companies listed to avoid any use of unprofessional day workers. Gaumats International’s team has worked together for years and is professional and experienced.  

Detail everything in writing – be sure this includes all tasks and materials—including model numbers and company materials are purchased from, so bids can be compared correctly. Also determine what will be done and when including all progress payments. This is standard practice for Gaumats International.

Get proper permits – we can help advise you on this process.

Never give more than a ten percent advance – not a problem at Gaumats International.

Verify insurance – we are fully insured.

Outline expectations also in writing – we keep you in the loop all along the way.

    Contact Gaumats International at (816) 847-8228 and get started on your dream kitchen today.

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