Our Favorite Materials

As custom kitchen suppliers with a mission of excellence, Guamats International is happy to share the materials we are most excited about using for your passion projects in the kitchen. Whether you seek to add to or complete your own home’s interior, you have a plan for your rental property, your office environment, or another kind of development, we partner with your design goals to bring a standard of quality that comes from our experience – and our dedication to the joy of being your custom kitchen suppliers. Go on and see what materials we love to work with!



A classic choice with a modern look, granite gives furniture and countertops an elegance that brings a forward feeling of minimalism, or can accent a vintage palette. Granite exemplifies durability married to flexibility, making it a mainstay in the designs from your most trusted custom kitchen suppliers at Guamats International.



When working with marble in the kitchen, sealing is your most relied upon friend for these living natural materials. Often, a beloved custom kitchen from Guamats International plays with smaller marble tiles or sink bowls for just a touch of its sophistication, while we also love to see it in larger slabs for a breathtaking look.



When using limestone in your kitchen design, Guamats International custom kitchen suppliers encourage this stone for its decorative uses, especially as a vertical addition to wall surfaces. The color ranges from light silks to dark charcoals, all with incredible depth and warmth.


Sometimes overlooked in limestone tiling, Travertine makes an incredible compliment as a durable backsplash, or as a building material in the most luxurious of outdoor garden kitchen and dining settings. As a flooring for high traffic areas, Travertine excels.



Honed slate has a forgiving and useful character that we love about this material. A homogenous appearance is given to it by the various minerals that compose this stone. With lower absorption rates, slate is a thing of beauty for counter tops and sinks. The darker matte colors of this material range from green or purple to black, but can be found in lighter blues. Slate gets our custom kitchen supplier vote as an upcoming trend, and still currently stands out as a unique and smart aesthetic choice.



Ceramic stone tiles are made of natural products like clay and sand, and typically go through a double firing and glazing process to emerge as warm red or terra cotta shades of earthy indoor bliss. Ceramic is an excellent material for interior rooms, while it may not make a great choice for outdoor use.



The cool grey or white of porcelain tiling lightens many of our favorite custom kitchen designs when durability is desired alongside a fresh look. Fired longer and with more dense clay than ceramic, porcelain can make both indoor and outdoor spaces more functional and beautiful. The consistency and endurance of porcelain means damage is less noticeable for spaces that get used often, or even areas that experience the freeze and thaw of inclimate weather. Look for porcelain in less varied color and texture ranges, V1, to its more varied state of V4.

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