Granite Countertops in Leawood, Kansas

Leawood, KS Granite Countertops

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, or you’re readying to put your house on the market, adding granite countertops and other fixtures is the perfect way to add value to your home and transform the look and feel of your living space. It’s not unusual for someone who is looking to buy a home and is torn between two options, for them the choose the house with all the upgrades, such as granite countertops. And with all the countertop options available today, you can rest assured that granite is a classic look that will never go out of style.

Granite is a durable stone compared to many of its counterparts, but it’s also versatile and low maintenance, which makes it a great option for large families and high-traffic areas. Because it’s so durable and low-maintenance, it’s one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities and Gaumats International offers a wide variety of colors and styles.

Gaumats International proudly serves clients in the Leawood, Kansas region. Leawood offers visitors and residents a variety of family-friendly attractions from sporting events and shopping to Taste of Kansas City Food tours and outdoor parks such as Ironwoods Park, which boasts 155 acres of wooded trails, cabins, playgrounds, and a nature center.

Leawood, Kansas Granite Countertops

We specialize in custom granite surfaces and countertops and proudly offer Leawood customers customized, high-quality workmanship for the best granite countertop prices available.

Because granite is so versatile, we’re able to work one-on-one with homeowners and show them various styles and colors of granite countertops, helping them determine the best design for their individual project.

Some examples of jobs we frequently take on include:

  • granite kitchen counter-tops
  • backsplashes
  • baths
  • bathroom sinks
  • granite slabs
  • granite vanities
  • kitchen & bathrooms
  • kitchen sinks

Most Popular Types of Kitchen Countertops Pros and Cons

Shopping for home fixtures can be fun, but it’s important to consider all your options before making a final decision on the type of material, stone, or style for your countertops and other fixtures. Knowing the pros and cons of each option will ensure you choose the best choice for your lifestyle. Listed below are some of the most popular options and what the pros and cons are of each.

Laminate Countertops

           Pros: Variety of styles and colors, easy to clean, affordable

           Cons: Not resistant to heat or scratching, can sometimes look cheap

Marble Countertops

           Pros: Polishes, elegant look

           Cons: Prone to stains, is a soft stone and is easily scratched, high maintenance

Quartz Countertops

           Pros: Resistant to scratching, a variety of colors and styles, easy to clean

           Cons: Not heat resistant, can be costly

Tile Countertops

           Pros: Sturdy material, versatile, multiple color and style options, resistant to heat

           Cons: Requires a sealant, can stain easily, grout can be high maintenance, chipping

Stainless Steel Countertops

           Pros: Durable, easy to clean

           Cons: Can look like a restaurant kitchen or colder, can scratch or dent, loud surface

Granite Countertops

           Pros: Elegant, natural, durable, scratch resistant, multiple colors and styles available

           Cons: Can chip if not careful, but repair is easy; hard surface

Granite Care and Maintenance

One of the reasons granite is such a popular option for countertops and other home fixtures is because it’s so easy to care for. Because it’s so low maintenance, it’s a great option for working families and families with children. Granite can be cleaned daily with soap and water. Because most granite is sealed, certain chemicals can strip the sealant, so it’s best to stick with mild dish soap and water. Your granite counters may eventually need to be resealed, which can easily be done about every 3 to 5 years. Sealing granite helps keep it resistant to stains. Because granite varies in how porous it is, some items need to be sealed more often than others.

Sealing a Granite Countertop

When sealing a granite countertop, only choose products designed for natural stone. There are products specifically designed to seal granite that can be found at most home improvement stores. Make sure you follow specific instructions on the sealant bottle if you’re sealing the granite yourself. Always clean the granite first and allow it to dry, wear gloves and make sure windows are open or you’re in a well-ventilated area. Always test a section of the granite before applying it all over the surface and apply the sealant evenly. Allow the sealant to be absorbed into the stone and sometimes it may require a second coat. Remove any additional sealant to avoid a hazy look. After you’re finished applying the sealant, it will need to cure for several hours. It’s best to leave the counters alone for at least two days. Gaumats International always applies a sealer to granite countertops that lasts up to seven years, and we warranty our workmanship for life.

Best Cleaning Products for Granite

It’s not necessary to use harsh chemicals on your granite countertops. A soft cloth dampened with water and dish soap will do the job for daily maintenance. Harsh chemicals, acidic cleaners like vinegar or ammonia, and abrasive sponges can damage your granite countertops. For tough stains or when soap and water isn’t working, you can mix a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent isopropyl alcohol to clean your countertops.

About us

Gaumats International, LLC is where professional design meets artistic expression. Formed by Apul and Daisy Gaumat in 2005, we have been serving Leawood residents for more than a decade. We take pride in what we do and always provide the highest quality stone slabs in the region. Each piece is customized with precision and craftsmanship – with the client in mind. We house beautiful slabs from all over the world and customize each piece in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our showroom offers visitors the chance to view all the different styles we house. We also have several local suppliers. Once you’ve selected your favorite style, we’ll make a template of your countertops and cut the slab to precision. We then shape and fabricate your counters and install them for you.

We always keep our clients at the top of our mind and we strive to provide the best experience through top-notch customer service, high-quality products, and detailed customization that fits each individual client’s style – all at affordable prices.

If you live in the Leawood region and are interested in a quote for custom-designed granite, contact us today at 816-847-8228.

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