Custom Fireplaces in Leawood, Kansas

Leawood, KS Custom Fireplaces

A fireplace is the perfect centerpiece to any room, but when you incorporate a custom-built fireplace, it can tie an entire house together — integrating the same look, style and colors as other fixtures throughout your living space. A fireplace is also a practical addition as it can lower your energy bill and bring warmth to your home. We understand that everyone is different and has a unique style and personal aesthetic when it comes to decorating their home; that’s why we always work one-on-one with our clients to make sure their custom fireplace helps accentuate their personal taste. Gaumats International, LLC proudly builds custom fireplaces for customers in the Leawood region.

Leawood has been recognized by Safewise as one of the top 5 safest cities in Kansas. A family-oriented town, Leawood has plenty of fun activities like the Prairie Oak Nature Center, which offers interactive and fun educational programs for all ages. There’s an activity room that holds more than 2 dozen people, multiple exhibits, live mammals and reptiles, gardens, a bird-feeding area and much more.   

We specialize in custom designed fireplaces and proudly offer Leawood customers high-quality workmanship for the best fireplace prices available.

Leawood, Kansas Custom Fireplaces

A well-built fireplace not only pulls a room together, it’s also multi-functional. Energy costs can be high, especially during extreme winter weather, but using a fireplace helps to cut those high energy costs. A fireplace is a great generator of heat and gas bills are typically less than electric. Choosing a wood-burning fireplace also means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your home. If the power goes out, a fireplace continues to warm your home, offer light, and it’s a great source for cooking food.

The aesthetic appeal is usually another reason people choose to install or upgrade a fireplace. With so many options like granite, marble, or quartzite, a fireplace can bring any room in the house together, highlight other custom fixtures throughout the house, or make a room stand out. Your fireplace can be as unique as you are, and custom designed to flow perfectly with the style and feel of your home. Adding a fireplace automatically raises the value of your home and it’s often a major selling point for people in the home-buying market. 

Types of Fireplaces

A natural stone fireplace can make any room stand out and demands the attention of anyone who enters your home. Gaumats International has a wide selection of beautiful stone slabs perfect for designing your ideal custom fireplace.

Granite Fireplace

Granite is a beautiful, natural stone that is durable and can withstand extremely high temperatures, which makes it an ideal choice for a fireplace. Granite is also non-porous, so it’s resistant to stains, chipping, and scratching. Because granite is a low-maintenance stone, using it for your fireplace is a great way to make a room stand out as elegant and natural.

Marble Fireplace

Marble is a classic and luxurious stone that can be incorporated throughout a home. The aesthetic appeal of marble is that it automatically draws the eye and it looks elegant, making it the perfect centerpiece for a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Most marble is considered low-maintenance and can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth if soot or anything else spills. We offer a wide range of diverse custom marble fireplace colors and styles to fit the style of your living space. Because it’s durable, marble can withstand high temperatures, and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Quartzite Fireplace

Quartzite is one of the most popular choices for custom fireplaces because of its look, durability, and price. Because quartzite is a natural stone, it’s very strong, durable, and non-porous, meaning it’s scratch- and stain-resistant. Quartzite is ideal for surrounding a fireplace. It bears a close resemblance to marble, but without the cost, so if you’re looking for an elegant, durable, and easy-to-maintain option, quartzite might be the right fit for you. We custom design quartzite fireplaces to meet our clients’ needs.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Stone Around Your Fireplace

A dirty fireplace can be a hazard and because a fireplace is often the centerpiece to the room, keeping it clean and looking like new is important. Depending on the type of stone you choose, there may be store-bought cleaners available to help maintain your fireplace, but it’s crucial to always make sure it’s not flammable. Most stones can be cleaned with a soft, damp towel saturated in water and a small bit of dish soap. Never use harsh chemicals on your stone fireplace. Not only can it damage the stone by staining or dulling it – cleaners with harsh chemicals can be flammable. Also, avoid using an abrasive sponge or wire brushes to clean the stone surrounding your fireplace.

About us

Gaumats International, LLC has been serving Leawood, KS for more than 10 years. We’re a family business, started by Apul and Daisy Gaumat in 2005, which means we always take great care to ensure our clients get exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship. Our passion is all about helping homeowners create the home of their dreams. We enjoy working one-on-one with each client to determine the best stone, and style for their fireplace. Each piece is strategically designed with care. Our clients are the foundation of our company, so we continually strive to offer each person who contacts us the best experience possible.

Gaumats International houses beautiful slabs from across the world and each project is custom fabricated in a state-of-the-art facility. We take pride in providing high-quality craftsmanship. If you live in the Leawood region and are interested in a quote for a custom-designed fireplace, contact us today at 816-847-8228.

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