The Latest Trends in Backsplashes

Style and function are constantly at war with one another. When you want something to look amazing, it oftens comes at compromised integrity. Backsplashes are one of those fantastic-looking parts of your kitchen/bathroom that also serve a purpose. These are some of the latest trends in 2018 for your backsplash that bring your kitchen up a notch!

Salvaged Materials

This was a trend a while ago and it’s making a comeback. Salvaged or recycled materials like glass, aged wood, and even old metal are being used to make some seriously amazing mosaic backsplashes. With the ever-growing need for recycling, these are an Earth-conscious way to transform your kitchen and turn your backsplash into a conversation piece.

Photographed Backsplashes

Sounds crazy, but hear us out. One trend that’s been blowing up online is one designer’s ability to turn a beloved family photo into a backsplash. If you’re looking for an overhaul to your kitchen, you can turn black-and-white stills into family collages. This design option gives you the ability to contour your backsplash to your kitchen design, since the photos can be whatever color you want.

Bean Farm Backsplash

This is a much more budget-friendly option to turn your backsplash into a low-cost focal point of the room. If you’re mad about coffee, you can purchase inexpensive whole beans from your local supermarket, drop them in between two pieces of epoxy, and transform your kitchen’s coffee bar into an eccentric altar to coffee. This is a great project to turn one counter area or one corner of your kitchen into a barista bar.

Textured Tile

If you’re a bit worried about your kitchen appearing too square or boxy, you can rev up the textured look with unique tiles. These add depth to the room, and usually come at a pretty budget-friendly price. These also work well in powder rooms, since the space is usually small and it can be difficult to bring a design element into play.

Finished Bronze

Semi-reflective and textured, bronze tiled with a nice finish add a geometric aesthetic to the space. These are ideal to go along with your stainless steel appliances, and look fantastic beneath your hood range. Bonus: They’re extremely easy to clean, which is always a plus.

What will your next backsplash be? They can be utilized to transform your space from flat and predictable to exciting and enticing, if you match the right ideas to your design.

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