Custom Kitchens: Top Ten Questions

If any of these questions look familiar, read on! Otherwise, contact the team at Gaumats today!

    1. Function. The very first thing to ask yourself is how you want to use your kitchen. Specialty appliances like brick ovens for pizza chefs, marble islands, or built-in storage are all considerations Kansas City Custom Kitchens serves up in many homes.Kansas City Custom Kitchens
    2. Weather. Climate concerns are a close tie for first when it comes to important questions to go over before getting a kitchen project started. Knowing how your environment will treat the materials you chose, and how the materials you chose will enhance your environment, are delicate choices to make as you craft your early plans for a custom kitchen.
    3. Workflow. Who shares responsibilities in this focal room? Envisioning life and activity happening on a regular basis in your kitchen is a trusty road map to custom work for this room of the house. You may consider how many people you may be cooking for, and how many people will be using the kitchen to cook.
    4. Timeframe. If you are looking to make serious and active decisions for you Kansas City Custom Kitchen plans, look next to a realistic timeline. Will you or someone be living in the home during install for the cabinets?
    5. Guests. A kitchen is often a center of gravity during get togethers and parties. Do you know how traffic will flow and guests will be entertained in your kitchen? Take a deeper look at your kitchen to get a view of how your home is entertaining guests.
    6. Style. Kansas City Custom Kitchens asks the question of style right along with the homeowners who consider remodeling and building custom kitchens. Will your kitchen become the most updated room? Will the kitchen veer sharply away from the style of the rest of the home? Take care to contrast or support ongoing style in the rest of the structure.
    7. Exposure. Minimalism in the kitchen may mean hidden appliances or masked features to let the materials and simplicity stand out, while other kitchens may revel in finesse and exposed functionality. Where do your interests lie on the spectrum?
    8. Pets. Homeowners and remodelers often overlook our four-legged and furry buddies who share the kitchen space with us. Will your pet feel comfortable? Will they be free to roam in this room without causing damage or being at odds with its materials?
    9. Future Residents. Even if you are not designing custom work in the home to flip the property, there is always a consideration to be made for future tenants or buyers of a home. Will your remodeling goals be supported by their future value?
    10. Reliable Construction. When you need artisans who can answer every question you may have, and be your partner in creating quality craftsmanship for a one-of-a-kind designed kitchen, Kansas City Custom Kitchens says it all. Work with us to make your vision of excellence a reality.

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