Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms in Overland Park: What’s New?

Each house has its own feel, its owner’s style reflected in the rooms that make a home. For those in the Overland Park, KS area, it can be difficult to know what route to take to create the custom kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.


Area historic homes like the E.C. Chase and Graham Rodgers Houses contrast with the newer beautiful homes in areas like Leawood and Mission Hills, so it’s important to keep both your personal tastes and the style of your home in mind when designing your ideal custom space. Working with a team like the one at Gaumats International will bring your custom kitchen and bathroom designs to life.


Modern Farmhouse

In areas like Leawood, homes are more stately and traditional, meaning a more timeless look is ideal for interior design. One of the latest trends that marries a traditional look with updated elements is the modern farmhouse design. We’re not talking images of fruit stenciled on a tile backsplash or roosters plastered about your kitchen. The modern farmhouse look uses crisp white, mixed with wood and small splashes of metal. To complete the look, expect the use of gorgeous, white natural stone counters and an apron sink.


Sleek Open Concept

For those in the Prairie Village area, there’s a more modern vibe to the sprawling estates. These homes call for the entertaining value of an open concept kitchen. Utilizing this modern floor plan not only allows for easy entertaining, it also leaves endless possibilities for designing your kitchen. If you prefer the more traditional look, opt for granite countertops and a lovely porcelain sink. Should you have more modern taste, look into soapstone counters and under-mounted stainless steel sink options.


Colorful Craftsman

Neighborhoods in the Mission Hills that lean towards a traditional look can easily accommodate a bright and stunning craftsman interior design. When it comes to custom kitchens and bathrooms, there’s plenty of room to play with a craftsman design. Rich, natural wood, clean lines, and glass are key to pulling off this custom bath or kitchen look. Darker quartz or granite countertops are ideal in craftsman design, as they pull out the natural beauty of the wood that is so important to the overall look.


Fulfilling Your Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Dreams

Knowing what interior design trends are being used in the Overland Park area is only half the battle. Whether you live in Leawood, Prairie Village, or Mission Hills, it’s important to partner with the right companies to breathe life into your custom kitchen or bath.

The team at Gaumats International has all the best options when it comes to countertops, tile, sinks, and faucets. We can help you choose the right product for your custom space as well as get it installed. Contact us today to start your custom kitchen or bathroom journey.

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