Choosing the Right Countertop

One of the most important decisions you’ll make, when creating and building your  custom kitchen, is which custom countertop should you choose to best fit your dreams and needs.

To guarantee your selection is the best one for you, consider the following:  

Your lifestyle – do you have children where a practical countertop might be more beneficial? Is your kitchen for cooking only? Or will your kitchen also include entertaining people? If this is the case, a beautiful, but more high maintenance custom countertop might be what you’re looking for.

Your budget – to guarantee your highest satisfaction, when your custom kitchen is completed, you must begin, and end, with a budget, to make sure all of your financial goals are met.

Color scheme – what is your overall color scheme, not only for your kitchen, but throughout your entire house? Fortunately, these days, countertops come in many colors. Consider the impact of your custom kitchen and the compliment this part of your home will be to the overall feeling you hope to create.

Smooth or textured surface – some countertops might be selected for the overall look while others are selected for their functionality. A rugged surface might be frustrating down the road for countertops that are used often for preparing meals.  

Maintenance – does your custom countertop require any type of sealant that must be maintained, and are you willing and able to maintain this type of countertop?  

Some stone is softer than other stone – to avoid scratches or chips, consider what type of countertop usage you will engage in the most.

Type of granite – In this day and age, countless are the types and colors of custom granite countertops, which makes creating the exact kitchen you desire more possible.  

Countertop edge – Even more impressive is that countertops now come with all types of edging to suit your particular taste.

Possible future sale of your home – while a home is a place where you find comfort and peace, a home is also an investment. Consideration should be given to any possible future sale of your home and how your custom kitchen might positively or negatively impact this sale.

At Gaumats International, our goal is to create the type of custom kitchen, with exactly the kind of custom counters, you will be proud of and happy with year after year after year.   

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