Which Cabinets Work Best for You and Why

The kitchen cabinets that work best for you are those that meet your needs. If you’re tall, take them all the way to the ceiling, if not, install under-counter or low-hanging cupboards. It really is that simple; make a list of what will not work for you then go to town on color, hardware, materials and placement.


Open It Up

The kitchen used to be a separate building. It came indoors as the cook’s private domain. Why lock yourself off from your guests? Integrate dinner prep as part of the dinner party. Traditional cabinets are wall-mounted boxes with hide-what’s-inside doors. You’ve invited people into your kitchen, invite them into your cabinets as well. Replace wooden doors with glass or wire mesh or go full demolition and replace cabinets with shelves. Put your spices, teas, etc., in colorful tins; get your flour and sugar out of the bag and into classic jars; put them on display.


What was Old is New

Recycled (also called repurposed) materials are great for many reasons — chief among them, they have character. Take old bureau drawer fronts and recut them into cabinet doors. Recycle an old table to create wall shelves. Hide your metal-faced appliances behind extra pieces from your new granite countertops. Put tin ceiling panels, with their characteristic charming patina, to work at the back of your cabinets or on the wall behind shelves.


Efficiency is Cool

Waste is the bane of modern, busy lives. You can reconfigure your kitchen cabinets to get more work from less effort. A tall, thin cabinet right next to the stove is great for baking pans and pizza stones. Large open shelves above the stove are a great place for cookware — who wants to be bending over to get them out of that drawer at the bottom of the stove anyway? If large holiday parties are on your calendar, go with a floor-to-ceiling cabinet dedicated to the extra plates and flatware you may need just once or twice a month.


Counterpoint is Daring

Once you’ve chosen a color scheme or pallet for your kitchen, break your own rules a little. If you have soft pastel colors on the table and chairs, go bright and bold on the cabinet doors. If your kitchen is traditional wood, try industrial metal drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and sink fixtures. Catch the eyes of your guests and make them follow a vertical or horizontal stripe accenting cabinets and walls. If your kitchen is a solid shirt, wrap it in a colorful scarf!


Get a Second Opinion

When you’ve made your cabinet choices, find out what will work and what won’t: Color, durability, maintenance and function are important factors, you want to be happy with your whole kitchen design scheme for years to come, so let Gaumats International suggest how to best turn your dream into reality.

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