Building Your Kansas City Custom Kitchen: Where to Start

Building your Kansas City custom kitchen can be a wonderful experience. Finally, you’re able to have the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. You can even envision yourself sitting at your kitchen table, surrounded by the dream you’ve created. But, you’ve from people all over Kansas City say they barely survived the remodel of their short hallway, let alone a room as complicated as a custom kitchen. You’re both excited and you’re scared. What can you do to make this process as pain-free as possible? Here are some answers:

Plan, plan and plan some more – plan every detail, from how you will function without a kitchen, all the way through to selecting your new custom kitchen’s final lightbulbs. Talk to a professional, like Gaumats International, who has been through the process so much that kitchen remodeling is a snap. If possible, in your daily life, stay as far away from the kitchen area as possible, even possibly staying somewhere else in Kansas City. If staying in the house, be patient. The process will end with a beautiful kitchen. Post a picture of your end-result to keep this thought in mind.

Determine your budget – decide how much you would like to spend. Are you paying cash or taking out a loan? Do you have a lot of money or will you be working with a limited budget? Whatever your budget is, stick within your budget, so your remembrance of your custom kitchen won’t be how much you spent. Allow room for unexpected costs that sometimes arise.

List of wants and needs – before designing your kitchen, make a list of what you would like and what you will need. Mentally walk through your day, envisioning all the steps you take and the things you do each day in the kitchen, to make sure your needs are met.

Meet with designer – choose a professional designer with great reviews and lots of experience, like Gaumats International.  Study custom kitchens like the one you want. Get personal on your wants and needs and customize your kitchen to reflect who you are and how you function, including storage space, lighting, countertop space, even electrical outlets and more.

Get permits – will you be adding an extra room or anything else that might need a permit? Allow for the time it might take to get your permit approved through Kansas City.

Choose an architect – personal recommendations are always best, when it comes to hiring an architect, or possibly you’ve already selected a builder who knows a great architect. If not, look for reviews on the internet. Interview at least three to find one that works best for you.  

Find a builder – as with hiring an architect, personal recommendations are best, internet reviews, and/or interviewing at least three builders to find the right one for you.

Build – try to enjoy the process, if only to keep you as far away from experiencing frustration over any inconveniences that might arise. Remember, every step is bringing you one step closer to your dream becoming a reality.

Celebrate – now that you’re finished, enjoy all that you’ve accomplished!

     Let Gaumats International help you plan the custom kitchen you’ve always wanted. In Kansas City, or the surrounding area, contact Gaumats International today at 816-847-8228.

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