Concealing Your Appliances: The Kitchenless Kitchen

One of the latest trends in custom kitchens is the “kitchenless kitchen,” or a kitchen that does not reflect the kitchen of old where bulky, cold appliances were the focus. Rather, many kitchen appliances are now camouflaged, so that your kitchen no longer looks like one big work station, but an elegant extension of your […] Read More

Custom Floors: All You Need to Know

Our high quality, custom floors continue to “floor” countless people for countless great reasons, especially nowadays when a new and unique floor is available to meet nearly every customer’s need and desire. From laminate to wood to carpet to tile and more, there are certain factors you will want to consider before taking the next […] Read More

Which Cabinets Work Best for You and Why

The kitchen cabinets that work best for you are those that meet your needs. If you’re tall, take them all the way to the ceiling, if not, install under-counter or low-hanging cupboards. It really is that simple; make a list of what will not work for you then go to town on color, hardware, materials […] Read More

The Most Popular Kitchen Designs

Techie Heaven The “smart kitchen” has arrived. Control your lights from a tablet or smartphone; have your coffee ready when you awaken; you can even have your faucet turn itself on just by putting your hands under it. Mixing technology into kitchen designs has been around for years now, but improvements in reliability make the […] Read More