What Bathroom Fixtures Are Best for You?

  Nowadays, fixtures add the perfect touch to any bathroom and can actually become an expression of who you are and naturally reflect your taste. This is why choosing the right toilet, sink, shower and tub is so important. Even more detail can be taken when it comes to faucets and handles as well. Whether you are seeking a traditional, contemporary or other type of look, bathroom fixtures are now available in all types of styles and sizes to meet your particular style and needs.

      Keep in mind that there are many things to consider before making your final bathroom fixture selection:

Size – the size of your fixture will be determined by the amount of space you have available. Does your bathroom include limited space where smaller fixtures might be enough or a lot of space where larger types of fixtures might be more appropriate?

Theme – do you have a particular theme in mind, like Roman, western, historical, modern, simple or extravagant? When it comes to themes, this is where the fun begins. With so many styles available, and at affordable rates, making a statement with bathroom fixtures has become more and more popular. This is where small changes can make a great impact.

Budget – whether your budget is large or small, a lot of options are available for both ends of the price scale.

Needs – you must consider your lifestyle when selecting your bathroom fixtures.  Some people are more practical while others are more interested in appeal. Be mindful of any practical or special needs you might have. For some, a handheld, pull-away spray faucet might be best. For another a high-arched faucet might be better. For others, an even more unique, cosmetic look might be more satisfying.

    Once these factors have been considered, the next step is to visit a showroom where a professional can help answer all your questions before your first fixture is installed, to make sure you have chosen the best one.

     Standard bathroom fixtures include the following:

Bathtubs – clawfoot, corner or jacuzzi-style, tubs are now available to reflect your taste

Bidets – this low-level toileting-after-wash is a great addition to any bathroom

Faucets – from single to center to bridge to wall mount, a faucet now exists to meet nearly every style

Furniture – should your bathroom be large enough, vanity seating, and more, can be a great addition

Handles – now-a-days cupboard handles that reflect your taste have become more popular

Mirrors – simple to extravagant mirrors are known for accenting a bathroom nicely

Showers – large or small, equipped with a short or long bench or equipped with steam, you name it, your favorite type of shower can now be found

Showerheads – standard wall mount, handheld, sliding bar or shower mist, showerheads have become a finely tuned fixture that can greatly reflect your personal needs and wants

Sinks – from pedestal to vessel to drop-in and more, sinks are a great way to add to any bathroom theme

Storage – some bathrooms require extra storage and a lot is available in this area as well

Toilets – standard, elongated, eco-friendly, toilets now exist to satisfy every need

Vanities – some people prefer a vanity area for their personal routine and this is another way to show off your taste

To find the right fixtures to meet all of your bathroom needs, contact Gaumats International at 816-847-8228.

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