Avoid Renovation Issues: Make Sure You’re Ready for a Remodel

Sadly enough, kitchen renovation issues are so commonplace that countless comedy movies have been made about them, including the 1986 hit “Money Pit,” that makes fun of the horrors of a house renovation that virtually never ended because of all the problems that came with it.

To avoid this happening in your own situation, we have some very important suggestions:

Know what you’re getting into – do your homework. Know not only what you see, but what you can’t see. What is behind all those walls, ceilings, wiring, plumbing. This is one area of life where you cannot afford surprises. At Gaumats International, we know what to look for behind your kitchen scene. Countless are the clients we’ve helped save time and money, which is something we love doing.   

Know what you can afford before you start – we often see customers come in both Kansas and Missouri, who have not properly planned their kitchen renovation and they come in seeking help to restructure and streamline the process. Planning from the beginning, knowing every aspect of the renovation, before you start, is key, beginning with making a list of what you want and what you need, so your money allotments are prioritized.  

Get permits – will you be adding an extra room or anything else that might need a permit? Allow  proper time for this to avoid frustration.

Hire the right contractor – make sure this person is experienced in the particular kitchen renovation you envision.

Know every detail behind the style you choose – for all the time, effort and money you spend, you do not want to end up with a mismatched look in your beautiful new kitchen.

Consider resell value – most people do not renovate just to turn around and sell what they’ve just created, however, unexpected moves do happen. Is your kitchen renovation too pricey for your Kansas or Missouri neighborhood? Is the style you’ve chosen something others would also enjoy? Consider all of this before the first wall is ripped down.

Update your electrical system – you’d be surprised how many people believe they can eliminate this important step. You must have the right amount of voltage to handle all the updates you are making, particularly in this day and age of high-tech innovations.

Update plumbing and electrical pipes – now is a good time, while the walls are exposed, to update your pipes if they are substandard.

At Gaumats International, each of these steps are second-nature to us. Our satisfied customers have thanked us over and over again for saving them time and money by doing their renovation the right way, from the beginning.

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