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Custom Quartz Countertops in Lea Wood Kansas

Your Simple Solution to Granite, Marble and Quartz Countertops in Lea Wood, KS

You can’t put off your kitchen and bathroom remodel anymore. Whether you’re planning to sell your home, or just reinvent your space to reflect your personal style and love of unique stonework, it’s time to get it done. Through our keen eye for detail and extraordinary supply of unique stone to choose from, there’s a solution in store for you.

Servicing the Area of Lea Wood, KS for Years

If you’ve heard about us from your friends and neighbors, that’s because we’ve been servicing Lea Wood for years, bringing fantastic kitchens and extraordinary bathrooms into their homes. With our catalog of suppliers and extensive detailing abilities, you get the top cuts of granite, marble and quartz to choose from, all at competitive prices.

Slab Solutions and Unique Tiles

It doesn’t end with your countertops – superior stonework throughout your kitchen and bathroom add unique elements, making use of space that would otherwise be left untouched. With our extensive knowledge of intricate design and utilization of wasted spaces, we’re able to bring you dynamic designs that complement your kitchen or bathroom. You want stone and details that rival every display you’ve ever seen – there’s only one way to get there.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks and Faucets

No kitchen is complete without functional and aesthetically pleasing fixtures. The most prominent is your sink and faucet, one of the most-used items in your kitchen. We offer bathroom sinks as well, giving you unique shape and style options. Getting a sink with us means there’s no risk of your countertop and sink butting heads – when we handle every aspect of it, your sink will perfectly drop into place and complete your space.

Every Detail Matters

Every single detail matters; they comprise the entirety of your remodel and add the unique flair to your design. From dozens of different granite countertop edge cuts to the finest, smoothest finishes on your stone, there’s quality, detailed craftsmanship in everything we do for you. Put a brand new, one-of-a-kind twist on your bathroom or kitchen to truly transform and revitalize your space.

Lea Wood, KS Granite, Marble, and Custom Quartz Countertop Suppliers

It all starts with a simple phone call, and a quote. Give us a call today and learn why your friends and neighbors have been using Gaumats International for their kitchen and bathroom remodels, as well as stonework. An entire catalog of unique granite, marble and custom quartz countertops is sitting at your fingertips.