5 Tools Everyone In The Kitchen Industry Should Be Using

  1. A great design team

Before you start working towards the custom kitchen of your dreams, you need a solid plan, with good design, and the potential to follow through. Making a partnership with a skilled team of custom kitchen suppliers will help your dream design become a reality with longevity, just what we work for at Guamats International. That’s why we make it so easy to get a custom kitchen quote from us – so we can work together for you kitchen success! Your visions for your kitchen are our blueprints, so your design can be built accurately and efficiently, and just the way you envision it.


  1. Cabinet Saw with Toothy Blades

Cabinet saws are more ideal than a regular full sized table saw, but you would at least want a full sized table saw over a standard contractor’s table saw. A blade with more frequent and fine teeth will take smaller bites out of your wood choices to make for smoother edges on your cuts. When making your own cabinets, a custom kitchen quote can help direct your strategies.


  1. Clamps, clamps, and more clamps

We have almost never heard of anyone having too many clamps for a custom kitchen project, and you will surely need them in many different sizes. Some clamps are made with keeping two pieces together flush for joining them with ease and accuracy, while others specialize to harder to reach angles.


  1. Pockethole Jig

Not only will this tool ensure the best fit for extremely strong joints, you will easily hide the screws to put your project’s best face forward. This tool takes away some of the things we hate most in large DIY projects – math and measuring. Angles are ensured and consistent with this simple tool, which allows you to adjust for the materials you are using. If achieving a finished look in your project matters to you, a pockethole jig can help.


  1. Air Compressor

The tools that will become your best friends in custom kitchen building are likely pneumatic ones. Brad nailers and other nail guns, crown staplers, spray gun painters, and even clean up jobs, all rely on a good air compressor, and so will you if you seek the efficiency and ease of these tools.


Standard tools like hammers, rubber mallets, a supply or access to a supply of screws and scrap metals and woods, screw drivers and other various tools are likely already at your disposal. If you are undertaking a custom kitchen project, you will want to at least have these standards in addition to our top 5 picks here. However, no matter where you stand in stock or trade, Guamats International gives you the most reliable in custom kitchen quote to base your project in excellence, commitment, and passion.

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