20 Myths About Custom Kitchens

When it comes to custom kitchens in the Kansas City area, Gaumats International’s goal is to dispel every myth. From the first myth to the last, here are the top twenty fallacies that have surface over the years and our goals for creating the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of:

1 – Too pricey – a custom kitchen is typically your ideal kitchen. We work hard to make sure you receive the best price possible and see your dreams come true.

2 – Take a lot more time – because of our experience, we work hard to meet every pre-set deadline.

3 – Discounts never offered – even within the world of custom kitchens, discounts are still available.

4 – More effort – custom kitchens do take more effort, but on our side of the equation, not yours.

5 – Refaced looks the same as custom – refaced cabinets do not look the same nor do they function the same either.

6 – Style is most important – while style is important long-term functionality is a must.

7 – Do It Yourself – some DIY projects are wonderful. A custom kitchen is not one of them.  

8 – Stick with current trends – trends are fun and exciting, because times change, trends do too.

9 – You can always add more later – One change can begin a domino effect that can get pricey and become a major inconvenience down the road.

10 – Obtain three bids – three bids can become like apples, oranges and lemons. Each bid  represents each company’s experience and reputation or lack of it.

11 – Lowest price saves money – just remember, you get what you pay for.

12 – If BBB doesn’t have complaints, they must be okay – sometimes the Better Business Bureau is the last to know.

13 – To save money buy as much as you can by yourself – this is fine, if you are satisfied with possibly having a patchwork kitchen.

14 – Fully insured means contractor carries complete insurance – not true. Make sure to know the details regarding coverage of this project.

15 – Bigger is better – bigger can become too big, down the road, when it comes to functionality, cleanliness and maintenance.

16 – Make it fit – flexibility might be necessary when it comes to an item that may not fit, for the overall look, feel and functionality of the project.

17 – If it looks the same, it is the same – consider quality, which is the reason custom kitchens are built.

18 – You can make it up as you go along – and run the risk of not arriving at the place you anticipated

19 – Nice truck equals great contractor – many a person drives a car they cannot afford

20 – Kitchen won’t reflect my taste – our experts work to fulfill your dreams, not ours.


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