Concealing Your Appliances: The Kitchenless Kitchen

One of the latest trends in custom kitchens is the “kitchenless kitchen,” or a kitchen that does not reflect the kitchen of old where bulky, cold appliances were the focus. Rather, many kitchen appliances are now camouflaged, so that your kitchen no longer looks like one big work station, but an elegant extension of your home’s overall relaxing feel.

When it comes to concealing your kitchen’s large and small appliances, some of the latest trends include:

Appliance garage – no longer do you, or anyone else, have to walk into your kitchen and be reminded of the work that’s there to do. Blenders, toasters, toaster ovens and every other countertop appliance can now be stored in a counter-height cabinet that can be easily opened to pull out the necessary appliance and then closed to hide your much-needed device. Appliance garages help add more counter-space to your kitchen and can also help avoid that cluttered look that oftentimes comes with your clean kitchen, giving it a look that makes one wonder if the kitchen was really cleaned.  .

Paneled refrigerators – this fun look creates a calmer feel in your kitchen and helps eliminate the feeling that your kitchen is all about food and work. Instead, concealed refrigerators now help accent the overall look you desire in your home.

Refrigerated drawers – these cooled-down drawers are the perfect answer for easy-to-reach foods, particularly when it comes to children’s snacks and drinks.

Pull out cabinet shelves – no longer do you have to reach, hunt and remove items to find what you’re looking for. Pull out shelves allow you to save time and frustration by quickly and easily finding the appliance you need.

Front-paneled dishwasher – kitchens have come far from the days when dishes dried on the kitchen counter, to dishes being churned away in the dishwasher. Now, the whole process can be hidden with the help of a paneled dishwasher. This is just more way to conceal the work-tone with a sleek look of fashion.

Hidden dishwasher drawers – taking the idea of dishwashing concealment one step further, your dirty dishes can now be washed in a handy hidden drawer. One of the benefits of this is the height that allows you to not have to bend over so far, as well.    

Concealed television – no longer do you have to miss your favorite TV show because you’re busy in the kitchen. Convenient fold-out cabinet doors can conceal your TV, and other media equipment, again to reduce clutter and allow for more counter-space.


Because of the many kitchen concealments now available, anything can be hidden, including your microwave, mixer and more.

One important question most customers ask is, “But where will I put all the items I usually keep in my cabinet?

No worries, with the use of swing-out shelves, pull-out drawers and back-side of cabinet door storage, there is more than enough room for everything you need.

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