10 Reasons You Should Invest In Marble

Finding the best in Missouri Marble for your home or workplace is simple. The Gaumats International mission of excellence extends to the custom work we do in every job, and in the fabrication of all of our beautiful marble slabs from around the world. Before partnering with our artisans in creating the marble look you desire, let us recognize some of the many signs pointing towards investment in Missouri Marble.


  1. The timeless charm of marble countertops are adaptable to enhance the most thoroughly modern spaces, as well as to warm rustic areas of any era. Marble emerges from the process of heat deep underground, over a very long period of time. This kind of purity only comes from the test of time, and that is what gives our Missouri Marble a lasting look. If aesthetic is your priority, marble is the height of appearances.
  2. As a monument or as a functional stone, marble boasts a durability and load bearing capacity that make it an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you are looking to provide a solid life to your kitchen that will last for many years, or are creating a memorial to take on a life of it’s own, marble makes the grade. The Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and countless Grecian busts have all been shaped from the esteemed stone.
  3. In other memorial uses, marble is an exceptional cemetery marker for the dignity and beautification of a grave plot.
  4. If you are considering adding a levity to the heaviness of a stone structure, light colored marble is especially excellent to add a freshness to buildings and furniture.
  5. Marble can be a diverse investment when you consider the other uses it can take on. Marble is used in many cleaning agents for its scrubbing properties that are on the softer side, making it ideal for many kitchen and bathroom cleaning tasks.
  6. Ever needed to take an antacid? Its likely you may have been taking a treatment that included calcium carbonate, or the limestone that remains in a refinement process of marble. Just like we may also take calcium to supplement our own health, farm animals are often raised with a steady supply. Investing in this stable industry is an option you may want to research.
  7. In other areas of agriculture, crops also benefit from limestone. Many farms use this marble extract to treat the soil and reduce its acidity for better growth.
  8. Because industries in marble polishing, fabricating, painting, building and even cosmetics and other manufactured products are taking off, investing in the emerging technology used in the ever growing marble market is full of more potential than ever.
  9. Marble Quarries in Missouri are ready to take on your involvement if you are ready to grow your production investment.
  10. If you are satisfied with your Missouri Marble involvement, expanding abroad may be your next consideration. Marble Quarries in Madrid and Pakistan are current booming industries to consider.


Whatever you decide, Gaumats International knows how to assist your marble market needs. Contact us today!

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